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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our coffee stand out?

Freshness makes a difference.  Since our coffee is hand-roasted in small batches we can control the environment that brings out the best a coffee has to offer.  You'll find the born-on date on all of our coffees.

What is the shelf life and proper care of our beans?

Peak flavor begins 1-3 days after it is roasted.  For best results you'll get a full, wonderful cup for about three months.  We take care to package our coffees as soon as they're roasted to protect them from the elements.  Heat, light, and oxygen are enemies of fresh roasted coffee.

Where and how can I buy your coffee?

Since we are a new small business, our products will initially only be available at a farmer’s market or through another arrangement. Learn more about our events this summer on our events tab, or by following us on Instagram and Facebook. Please contact us with inquires.

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